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RAD Pharmaceuticals is a serving to Turkish Pharmaceutical market as a MOH approved domestic warehouse. With our experience in the field of pharmaceutical warehousing, we are delivering the fastest and best service to the Pharmacies, Hospitals, Govermental organizations and NGOs worldwide. We are proud to announce that we are one of the WHO approved suppliers of global NGOs. Knowing the importance of our duty, we are serving to the people suffering from war and poor living conditions world wide.



RAD Pharmaceuticals aims to promote products according to the AIFD Code of Good Promotional Practice and Good Communication. Our teams are located according to the population and potentials of the territories. Although Istanbul , Izmir and Ankara holds the %30 percent of the Total Population , these three cities have the potential of %80 of the total market. Hereby the organisation scheme of our promotion team is presented.

Storage and Cold Chain Room

There are 15.000 kinds of products in our stock. Cold chain products are kept in Cold Chain room which is entegrated with Ministry of Health.