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Our mission;

  • Rad Pharmaceutical Warehouse and Group of Companies supplies products that are beneficial for human health and existance in its field with an understanding of service which conforms to international standards.
  • With the experience gained in the industry adapt to change, shows a continuous and balanced growth.
  • It respects laws, ethical values, society and the environment.
  • It keeps customer satisfaction, employee happiness and their development important and preliminary.

Our vision;

  • To be an institution that is trusted and contributes positively to its customers, suppliers, business partners and employees, and it is based on its continuity.
  • To provide services in accordance with the law and ethical standards in all geographical regions of Turkey and abroad with international standards.
  • To keep pace with change in the sector, to develop and to be a pioneer.

Our values;

  • Ethic
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Innovator
  • Creative
  • Vigorous