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We, as RAD Pharmaceutical Distributor, providing business development solutions into export markets to leading Turkish manufacturers in their export / business development activities.


According to the principle agreement made with Tüm Ekip İlaç A.Ş., one of the most important and leading producers of injectable products in Turkey, distributorship proposals received from Turkey's major pharmaceutical export markets are assessed in detail and RAD Ecza's export customer base in its global markets is also evaluated for the conclusion of this study Is shared with the manufacturer.


In addition to market research and reporting, it is not only an simple business development and customer / demand sharing but also evaluation of the partner in terms of commercial reputation, financial, field / marketing / sales potential, negotiation of producers and partners at the most optimal level, And the vision of both producers and distributors is taken into consideration.

The business development function will be followed by the company / product licensing, field training, order, payment, budget follow-up and business volume development after the agreement is made and all export processes will be carried out by the manufacturer ALL EQUIPMENT DRUG and TRADE. AS is also realized as constructive in terms of our partner.


Our aim is to provide Turkish pharmaceutical producers and exporters with sustainable partner agreements in our experienced export markets and take their business development and export workload on our producers in order to reduce their commercial risks and to concentrate more on production, business optimization and R & D . We know our responsibility to reach the export targets of the Turkish Pharmaceutical sector which is a strategic and value added sector and we share all our knowledge, experience and infrastructure with our business partners in order to be a net exporter in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry.